IMAgHO – Nouveau projet Projet ANR

Increasing the Multifunctionality of Agroecosystems by Harnessing fOod webs (IMAgHO)

Augmenter la multifonctionnalité des agroécosystèmes par l’exploitation des réseaux trophiques

IMAgHO comprises three objectives: 1) to describe the temporal dynamics of species assemblages and
interaction networks involving key species of regulatory services in oilseed rape (OSR) crops, 2) to measure
the impact of environmental variables, farming management and biodiversity on food webs and their associated
services over time and space, and 3) to design and test in real farming conditions potential management options
that could be used to manipulate food webs in order to maximize regulatory services (Fig. 1). By combining
monthly genetic data on trophic links, control feeding
experiments, monthly observation of pollination
networks, long-term census data on biodiversity and
agricultural practices as well as statistical modelling
and field experimentation, IMAgHO will infer causal
relationships between farming practices, ecological
networks and ecosystem services such as pest control
and crop pollination. As well as generating
fundamental ecological knowledge on ecosystem
functioning, this project will produce operational
guidelines and applied references to limit
agrochemical inputs in one of the most consuming
annual crop in cereal rotations and to enhance
ecological intensification in agroecosystems.

Coordinator: Stéphane Boyer, Pr Univ. Tours, IRBI




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