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BORIES O., RIBRAULT C., CAUSSE-KAPOSZTAS F., HOUTE S., BARBEAU E., et al.. L’habitant-chercheur : nouvelle figure des sciences impliquées. Projets de paysage : revue scientifique sur la conception et l’aménagement de l’espace, Ecole nationale supérieure du paysage de Versailles, 2018, Matières premières (Paysage et didactique) (LIEN )

BERTHET E. T., BRETAGNOLLE V., LAVOREL S., SABATIER R., TICHIT M., SEGRESTIN B. Applying ecological knowledge to the innovative design of sustainable agroecosystems. Journal of Applied Ecology. 2018, 9, (5) 110-1198 (PDF)

 BRETAGNOLLE V., BERTHET E., GROSS, N., GAUFFRE B., PLUMEJEAUD C., HOUTE S., BADENHAUSSER I., MONCEAU K., ALLIER F., MONESTIEZ P., GABA S. Towards sustainable and multifunctional agriculture in farmland landscapes: Lessons from the integrative approach of a French LTSER platformScience of the Total Environment. 2018 627, 822-834. (PDF)
BRETAGNOLLE V., BERTHET E., GROSS, N., GAUFFRE B., PLUMEJEAUD C., HOUTE S., BADENHAUSSER I., MONCEAU K., ALLIER F., MONESTIEZ P., GABA S. Description of long-term monitoring of farmland biodiversity in a LTSER. Data in Brief.  In press
CHADOEUF J., MILLON A., BOURRIOUX J.-L., PRINTEMPS T., VAN HECKE B., LECOUSTRE V., BRETAGNOLLE V. Modelling unbiased dispersal kernels over continuous space by accounting for spatial heterogeneity in marking and observation efforts. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 2018, 9, (2), 331-339 (PDF)
GABA S., CANEILL J., NICOLARDOT B., PERRONNE R., BRETAGNOLLE V. Crop competition has a higher potential than farming practices to regulate weeds. Ecosphère. In press
DEROULERS P., BRETAGNOLLE V. The consumption pattern of 28 species of carabid beetles (Carabidae) to a weed seed, Viola arvensis. Bulletin of Entomological Research. In press

GABA S., ALIGNIER A., AVIRON S., BAROT S., BLOUIN M., HEDDE M., JABOT F., VERGNES A., BONIS A., BONTHOUX S.,  BOURGEOIS B., BRETAGNOLLE V., CATARINO R., COUX C., GARDARIN A., GIFFARD B., LE GAL A., LECOMTE J., MIGUET P.,  PIUTTI S., RUSCH A., ZWICKE M., COUVET D. Chapter 1. Ecology for sustainable and multifunctional agriculture. Sustainable Agriculture Reviews, Ecology for Agriculture. 2018, 28, 362 (PDF)

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 ARROYO B., MOUGEOT F., BRETAGNOLLE V. Individual variation in behavioural responsiveness to humans leads to differences in breeding success and long-term population phenotypic changes. Ecology Letters. 2017 20, (3), 317-325
BONTHOUX S., BALENT G., AUGIRON S., BAUDRY J., BRETAGNOLLE V. Geographical generality of bird-habitat relationships depends on species traits. Diversity and Distributions. 2017, 23, 1343–1352 (PDF)
GABRIEL E., BONNEU F., MONESTIEZ P., CHADŒUF J. Adapted kriging to predict the intensity of partially observed point process data. Spatial Statistics. In press (PDF)
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HENRY M., BECHER M. A., OSBORNE J. L., KENNEDY P., AUPINEL P., BRETAGNOLLE V., BRUN F., GRIMM V., HORN J., REQUIER F. Predictive systems models can help elucidate bee declines driven by multiple combined stressors. Apidologie. 2017, 48, (3), 328-339 (PDF)
LE PROVOST G., GROSS N., BORGER L., DERAISON H., RONCORONI M., BADENHAUSSER I. Trait-matching and mass effect determine the functional response of herbivore communities to landuse intensification. Functional Ecology. (PDF) Résumé de l’article ici
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SCHLAICH A. E., BOUTEN W., BRETAGNOLLE V., HELDBJERG H., KLAASSEN R. H. G., SØRENSEN I. H., VILLERS A., BOTH C. A circannual perspective on daily and total flight distances in a long-distance migratory raptor, the Montagu’s harrier, Circus pygargus. Biology Letters. 2017, 13, 20170073  (PDF)

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CARO G.,  MARREC R., GAUFFRE B., RONCORONI M., AUGIRON S., BRETAGNOLLE V. Multi-scale effects of agri-environment schemes on carabid beetles in intensive farmland. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment. 2016, 229, 48-56 (PDF)
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AUGIRON S., GANGLOFF B., BRODIER S., CHEVREUX F., BLANC J.-F., PILARD P., COLY A., SONKO A., SCHLAICH A., BRETAGNOLLE V., VILLERS A. Winter spatial distribution of threatened acridivorous avian predators: implications for their conservation in a changing landscape. Journal of Arid Environments. 2015, 113, 145-153 (PDF)
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